“Why is [voice-activated] important? Have you ever tried to take a video recording of your golf swing and you gotta’ go back and forth from where you’re hitting to the phone? Everybody knows that’s not a whole lot of fun. You don’t have to do that anymore. Just tell [FeedbacK Collect] that you’re ready and hit and it captures the video.”CHARLIE RYMER, Golf Channel AnalystGolf Channel Morning Drive - PGA Merchandise Show

“Here’s what’s really cool about it…you can share [videos] with your instructor, your instructor can edit it, send that link right back to you. You can have, within two or three minutes, “feedback” from your instructor and be half the world away. Great technology from FeedbacK™.”CHARLIE RYMER, Golf Channel AnalystGolf Channel Morning Drive - PGA Merchandise Show

“Without, you know, being ridiculous about this, you got something here…you’ve got something unique that is very different than what is being offered out there. And, like I said, once I got a hold of it, I loved the thing. I mean, it was easy!
…It was perfect.”
HUGH ROYER III, Former PGA Tour Playerthegolfdirector.com

“Tried and tested this other day thank you FeedbacK Golf for giving me my faith back in golf apps!”Adam Smith, Senior Writergolfshake.com

“It has been said many times, but technology continues to affect everything in our lives from the day to day and even into out hobbies or passions like golf. The FeedbacK Collect aims to make recording the golf swing easier and it does just that. ”James Miles, Staff writer for The Hackers Paradisethehackerparadise.com

“I've interacted with Shawn McDonald more than once and each time has been in a group of other business owners and entrepreneurs. Each time Shawn stands out from the others as the most-professional in terms of presence and presentation. The Feedback Enterprise coaching technology differentiates from other coaching apps by the feedback it gives. I am an investor pitch coach and trainer where performance improvement through practice and feedback can mean increased opportunities for success with capital formation efforts. SMART feedback (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) is a key coaching tool and Feedback provides such feedback . Today it's for athletes. I envision a future expansion to other markets that can benefit from such automatic coaching & feedback.”Sylvia Henderson, SpringboardTraining.com Founder, StrategistIdeaSuccessNetwork.com

“If you are not using Feedback to assist analyzing your golf swing, you are missing a wonderful opportunity to improve your golf swing It is easy to use also”Bill Decker, Chairman at On The Tee Inc.

“Great product and great customer service!”G.U., FeedbacK Member