For information about FeedbacK‘s Wholesale or Golf Champion Affiliate Programs, please contact us:

FeedbacK Enterprise, LLC
P.O. Box 1273
Hampton, VA 23661 USA
office: 757•320•4494
skype: FeedbacK_World
Shawn D. McDonald
Wholesale and Champion Affiliate Relations
direct: 757•268•1900
skype: mcdonasd
File Description
Video – HD FeedbacK Product Overview
Video – HD FeedbacK Product Overview with Team
Video – HD FeedbacK Collect Overview
Feedback-Collect FeedbacK Collect (Golf)
Phone-Tripod-Connect FeedbacK Flex Tripod, Collect Mobile App and Connect Bluetooth
FeedbacK-Collect-Bundle-Contents FeedbacK Flex Tripod and Connect Bluetooth
Tripod-on-Golf-Stand FeedbacK Flex Tripod on a Golf Bag Stand
FeedbacK-Collect-Bundle---Clamp FeedbacK Clamp to hold a smartphone attached to th Flex Tripod
FeedbacK-Connect-Device FeedbacK Connect Bluetooth
 FeedbacK-Clubhouses FeedbacK Clubhouse Mobile and Online
 FeedbacK-Collect-Putting FeedbacK Golf on the putting green
 FeedbacK-Collect-Bundle---In-Use-for-Putting FeedbacK Golf on the putting green
 FeedbacK Golf in use FeedbacK Golf in use at the Driving Range
 FeedbacK Golf setup FeedbacK Golf setup
Product Information
FeedbacK Golf Collect FeedbacK Golf Flyer
FeedbacK Spec Sheet FeedbacK Collect (Golf) Product Specification
FeedbacK Tear Sheet FeedbacK Collect (Golf) Product Tear Sheet
Wholesale and Champion Affiliate Program
 Wholesale Flyer Summary of the FeedbacK Wholesale Program
 Champion Affiliate Flyer FeedbacK Champion Affiliate Program
 Champion Affiliate Description FeedbacK Champion Affiliate Program Description
 Champion Affiliate Sign-Up FeedbacK Champion Affiliate Sign-Up Form
 Wholesale Terms & Conditions FeedbacK Wholesale and Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions
 Wholesale Agreement FeedbacK Wholesale Agreement
 Wholesale Order Form FeedbacK Wholesale Order Form: Complete and email to orders@feedback-coach.com
Company Information
 FeedbacK-Golf-Logo  FeedbacK Golf logo
 feedback  FeedbacK logo (light background)
 feedback-square  FeedbacK Square logo (dark background)