Our Company

FeedbacKDigital Virtual Coaching for people who want to improve at Sports, Fitness, & Health activities

In April 2012, FeedbacK Enterprise, LLC was established as a single member limited liability company in the Commonwealth of Virginia with the corporate office located in Hampton, Virginia. FeedbacK is developing mobile and online applications to provide automated coaching technologies for the over 270 Million people in the US who participate in sports and want to improve. With FeedbacK’s Apps when a Do-It-Yourself Learner performs a motion he will receive instant automated coaching instruction via his mobile device. Our applications use the latest computer vision and machine learning techniques, combined with the video functionality that is already part of our mobile device. FeedbacK’s initial Apps are for Golf and as we grow we will move to additional markets including other sports, health, fitness, & lifestyle industries.

The team is a strong blend of systems engineering, software development, project management, & business management skills. Shawn has proven experience implementing IT applications on a tight schedule. Roz has demonstrated experience in systems engineering and project management. Jeff has developed multiple enterprise-wide applications. Jamie and Alan are PGA Teaching Professionals with expertise to ensure the first product is a true golf training aid. Leadership Team

FeedbacK’s mobile and online Apps represent a new approach to the health, fitness, sports & lifestyle industries by videoing a motion and providing automated coaching to help the Do-It-Yourself learner improve.

We are all familiar with sensors and devices that capture data. The current industry approach is to present that data in the form of dashboards. The user must interpret the dashboard information and decide what is required to improve. Unlike our competitors who provide data, FeedbacK’s Apps provide automated coaching. We do this using the latest computer vision and machine learning techniques combined with leveraging the video functionality that is already part of our mobile devices.
The output of the process is automated coaching (not data), just as if a coach or personal trainer was with you, without the expense or scheduling.

The FeedbacK Automated Coaching Apps are developed for a particular sport (golf, baseball, tennis, basketball…) In fact, the Automated Coaching Technology is adaptable to any activity requiring repeatable motion.

We have launched FeedbacK Collect, our Minimum Viable Product (MVP), for collecting video of a golf swing on both the iOS and Android platforms. Sales of FeedbacK Collect allow us to collect videos to train our automated coaching algorithms. We released a beta of FeedbacK Coach Online in Spring 2017.