Champion Affiliate Program

FeedbacK – Champion Affiliate Program

Become a FeedbacK Champion by joining our Affiliate Program.  You can make money while promoting the use of the game changing FeedbacK Collect (Golf) and influence the development of other FeedbacK Golf products.

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Make Money using your unique Champion Code:

  • $15 for each full price FeedbacK Collect Bundle sold ($89.99)
  • Up to $20 per month – Your Member uploads
  • $2 for each Member with more than five (5) uploads on three (3) different days in a calendar month
  • Maximum ten (10) qualifying Members per calendar month
  • Up to $25.00 per month – Your Instructor reviews
  • $2.50 for every Review Session (Comment, audio notes, overlays)
  • Approved FeedbacK Instructors may participate. Become a FeedbacK Instructor
  • Instructors may only be associated with one Affiliate at a time.
  • Up to two (2) reviews per Member per calendar month, and Maximum ten (10) reviews total per calendar month
  • Example:  One (1) review for ten (10) Members in the calendar month or two (2) reviews for five (5) Members in the calendar month
  • Digital flyer customized with Your name & Champion Code
  • Custom banner ad for use on Your websites
  • FeedbacK Promotion Materials
  • Consultation with a FeedbacK Golf PGA Professional Instructor
  • Unlimited technical support of FeedbacK’s product
  • Invitation to monthly FeedbacK Champion Affiliate Program virtual round table discussions to Share best practices / teaching tips / advise development team

Who May Join:

  • Instructors
  • Pro Shops
  • Golf Tournament Coordinators
  • PGA Chapters / Sections / Regions / Members
  • Other Golf Organizations ( 1st Tee, EWGA, AJGA)
  • High School and College Golf Coaches
  • Online Video Lesson Providers
  • Email and ask

Get your Money using your Champion Code:

  • Purchases through the website with your Champion Discount Code
  • Orders emailed to with your Champion Discount Code
  • Champion Affiliates receive payment to a PayPal account no later than the 10th for the previous calendar month
Become a FeedbacK Champion Now


Participation in the Champion Affiliate Program includes acceptance of FeedbacK‘s Terms & Conditions.
FeedbacK Enterprise, LLC may change the terms of the program at any time without prior notice.