FAQ – Golf

Q – What are your shipping / courier options?
A – We ship FedEx Ground or USPS; your package will typically arrive in 2 – 3 days.

Q – How accurate is FeedbacK Collect video recording?
A –The FeedbacK Collect app relies on THE USER’S mobile device camera to capture video.

Q – Can I use this device with both Apple and Android products?
A – Yes!

Q – What does “DTL” mean?
A – “DTL” means a  “Down-the-line” camera view.

Q – I am a “lefty,” does this device record my swing in the same way?
A – When using the overlay, select “DTL Left” and the onscreen overlay will ensure correct camera position.

Q – Can I record my shots on the golf course?
A – Yes! If you want to take FeedbacK Collect onto the golf course with you, by all means. Just please remember to be courteous to those around you as this is a voice-controlled device.

Q – My friend doesn’t have FeedbacK but wants to see my swings, how do I do this?
A – You can share via Facebook, Twitter, and email. Also, when you login you can set up a profile for your friend under your account. Be advised, though, that all swings captured on your device remain linked to your FeedbacK Clubhouse membership.

Q – I want to compare my swing to someone else’s, can I do that?
A – Yes! We are so excited to have the “compare” feature on your mobile device and will soon have it available in the online FeedbacK Clubhouse.

Q – Do I have to use a Bluetooth with the FeedbacK Collect mobile app?
A – No…but, for the best video position to capture your full swing, it is recommended that the mobile device be positioned ten feet away from the golfer. The use of a Bluetooth for voice-controlled, hands-free operation is recommended so you are not shouting at your mobile device.

Q – Where is my video?
A – Your video is stored on your phone, and you can view it on your mobile FeedbacK Collect. Also, when you upload your video to the online FeedbacK Clubhouse, it is stored on our virtual servers (aka “the cloud”). This makes it easy to view your videos anywhere on any device.

Q – Do I need a Wi-Fi connection to use the FeedbacK: Collect app?
A – No. FeedbacK Collect does not require use of Wi-Fi or cellular data plan to capture video; however, a data connection is needed for location, weather, login, share, and FeedbacK Clubhouse video functions.

Q – Is FeedbacK a substitute for my regular golf lessons?
A – Of course not! FeedbacK Collect gives you a great option to video and review your practice on your own. FeedbacK is an excellent way to complement face-to-face lessons.