FeedbacK Golf at the Driving Range
Practice like you have a Personal Coach! With FeedbacK Coach when you perform a motion (like a golf swing), you will instantly receive coaching instruction via the FeedbacK Coach Mobile App. Our Apps use the latest artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, and machine learning techniques, combined with the video functionality that is already part of your mobile device.

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Unlimited Swings

Collect, review and share a video of your golf swing with our easy to use voice-activated mobile app.

Key Features Include:

Voice Activation

On-screen overlay ensures correct camera position for best video position, use your mobile device’s front-facing camera

Annotate each swing video with easy-to-use drawing tools

Replay in slow motion, frame-by-frame, or pause

Review, share and distribute videos

Record voice notes about each video and share with a Student / Instructor

Compare two videos side-by-side


Limited Time

Currently in iOS - Beta!

Download FeedbacK: Collect today! Current Members are eligible for a 20% discount when FeedbacK: Coach App is released. Regular Price | $199.99 Annual Membership Fee

Key Features Include:

Instant Audible Coaching immediately after your swing - Q3 2018

Video tagged with Written Coaching

All the FeedbacK Collect functionality




per Hardware Bundle

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Everything you need to easily video your Golf Swing at the Driving Range.

Key Features Include:

Designed to work with the FeedbacK: Collect and FeedbacK: Coach App

Flex Tripod with clamp (Clamp compatible with most phones up to 3.5″ wide)

Bluetooth (Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices)

FeedbacK Coach

Video your golf swing with the Voice-activated App. When you review the Video in the Clubhouse the system includes coaching recommendations.

FeedbacK Features:

Instant Automatic Coaching FREE for a limited time on iOS



FeedbacK Collect record video with voice recognition feature

microphoneRecord voice notes about each video

compare videoCompare two videos side-by-side

deletefavoritDelete and Favorite Videos

facebooktwitterShare your video and comments

AnnotateAnnotate each swing video with easy-to-use drawing tools

halfspeedReplay in slow motion, frame-by-frame, or pause

How it Works

Artificial Intelligence Coaching provides FeedbacK as if you had a personal Coach

How it works
Collect, review and share video of your golf swing with our easy to use voice activated mobile app. When a data connection is present, the video is automatically uploaded to the cloud and processed in our Artificial Intelligence-powered Clubhouse to generate written and audible coaching. The written coaching is presented when you review the video in your FeedbacK Clubhouse account. The audible coaching is available immediately after you take a swing.

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