FeedbacK Collect (Golf) Bundle

The world’s first voice-controlled, hands-free golf swing training aid

FeedbacK Collect is a completely hands-free training solution that does not require hardware or sensors to be attached to your golf clubs or gloves. Without extra hardware, you have a more authentic golf learning experience.

The FeedbacK Collect Bundle comes with:

  • a flexible tripod to hold your mobile device at the perfect height to capture full range of motion

  • a bluetooth device worn on your belt and pairs with our mobile app to collect video on command, and

  • mobile app (iOS and Android) and online Clubhouses for swing review and annotations

The FeedbacK Collect Bundle makes video recording a golf swing readily accessible to anyone, anywhere by incorporating voice-control technology with your mobile device.

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FeedbacK Collect (Golf) Bundle $89.95

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feedback-flex-tripodFeedbacK is flexible!

The flex tripod allows easy positioning to video your golf swing. It fits most smartphones AND the flexible legs bend to attach to golf bags, bag stands on the range, an indoor “net,” etc.

  • On-screen overlay ensures correct camera position for best video position, use your mobile device’s front-facing camera

  • Place your device hip-high approximately 9-10 feet away

Camera Alginment

feedbackFeedbacK listens!

Use a simple voice command to start video capture. Bluetooth technology allows you to capture individual swings without the hassle of constantly pressing record on your mobile device. Get the most out of your practice and do it voice-controlled and hands-free.

  • Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices

  • Echo cancellation technology

  • Voice-controlled, hands free operation

  • Compatible with all Bluetooth v2.1 enabled devices

Pairing Instructions Hands-free Recording


feedback-golf-webFeedbacK is 24/7/365!

The mobile and online Clubhouses are always available. Review your swing frame by frame or try our user-friendly drawing tools to check swing plane, alignment and much, much more. Share your swings on social media or send them to your instructor for a quick mobile lesson on the go.

    • recordRecord voice notes about each video


    • annotateAnnotate each swing video with easy-to-use drawing tools

    • compareCompare two videos side-by-side

    • replayReplay in slow motion, frame-by-frame, or pause

    • delete-favDelete and favorite videos

    • uploadReview, share and distribute videos

    • shareShare your video and comments to Facebook or Twitter

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