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Become a FeedbacK Member

1) Tap “Sign-Up” to Join the and become a member. 2) Enter Membership information and tap “Join.” 3) Already a Member? Login with your email and password. 4) Tap “Forgot Password?” for Password Reset screen. 5) Tap “Change Password” to … (you guessed it) Change Your Password Enter your password information and tap “Submit.” 6) Tap “Settings”Read More

Add Club Type to the Video

In order for the club selection to be associated with a video, you must select the club you are using for your practice session before you capture your video. Use the following steps each time you switch to a different club. 1) Tap “Driver” to navigate to the “Select Club” screen. Select the club youRead More

Mobile Clubhouse

1) Tap “Clubhouse” to navigate to the “Clubhouse” screen.The Clubhouse functions are available for use on your “Offline Swings” or on your “Swing Sessions” that have been uploaded to the server. 2) Tap “Offline Swings” to navigate to your video session. Tap “Upload All” to upload your videos to the server. To “Refresh” or “Sync” withRead More

Review the video in Collect App

1) Tap “Clubhouse” to navigate to the “Clubhouse” screen. Tap the “Swing Session” date that you wish to review. 2) Tap the thumbnail for the video you wish to review. In this example:Club: 7 Iron Newport News GC9:33 AM Tap the session date: ”July 30, 2013” to return to the main screen. 3) Tap “Play”Read More

Review Video using Drawing Tools

1) Tap the “Drawing Tool” icon to display the “Drawing Toolbar.” 2) Tap the “Line” icon to draw straight lines to annotate your swing video to assist with your video review. Two parallel lines can be used to check that your body is rotating and not sliding. 3) Examples using the “Line“ tool. Draw aRead More

Compare Video in Collect App

1) Tap the “Compare Video” icon to navigate to the “Compare Selection” screen. Tap the “Swing Session” date to navigate to the session video thumbnails to select the video you wish to use in your comparison. 2) Tap the desired swing session video thumbnail you wish to use in your comparison. Note: the Drawing ToolsRead More

Associate Video with another Golfer

A member can create separate “profiles” within his/her user account. A profile created within a member’s account is not a separate membership account. Once you add a “Profile” or “New Golfer,” you can capture videos using the separate profiles within your Membership account. Use the following steps to create a “New Golfer” profile: 1) TapRead More

FeedbacK: Collect App Settings

  1)  Tap “Settings” to navigate to the “Settings” screen. is initialized with the default settings recommended by the Director of Instruction.   Steps 2 – 4 will help you customize your settings. 2) Select Auto-upload Video “OFF” for the option to manually upload your videos to the in the cloud. The system will be moreRead More